Introducing VIMmanagement: Greater Interaction With Your VIMs to Build a Happier Long Term Relationship

We’ve been steadily progressing with our expansion of the VIMworld ecosystem, adding new VIMs, new collections, expanding lore and world building with much more to come.

A core feature of the new VIMworld platform is our innovative Tier and Feeding System, allowing VEED tokens to be fed and staked inside our VIMs, unlocking brand new utility and rewards, such as evolving artwork and animations, Treasures, eligibility for various events and more.

Today, we are excited to announce VIMmanagement — a brand new update to the VIMventory system and a feature that will add a whole new dimension to the interactive and strategic aspects of the VIM Tier System!

The VIMmanagement update enables the viewing of rewards and heralds the arrival of the new VEED Sharing and VEED Withdraw features. We have tentatively scheduled this update for October 2021!

With the VIMmanagement update, we’re aiming to create a central place to display your VIM’s journey — starting with a rewards log which will show you the participation and rewards of your VIMs across various events and missions. This ensures that you can keep track of the many activities of your VIM, symbolising the VIM’s unique journey and life.

In the future, VIMmanagement will also show your achievements in our VIMexperiences such as games, interactives and more.

As explained in the PPP, the VIMenergy system allows all users in VIMworld to upgrade their VIMs at a stable cost no matter the price fluctuations of VEED, increasing accessibility for both newcomers and more experienced users of VIMworld.

The VIMenergy:VEED ratio is derived from the daily price of VEED. When the price of VEED is low, it requires more VEED to make up 1 VIMenergy, and when the price of VEED is high, it will require fewer VEED to make up 1 VIMenergy. This means each VIM will have differing amounts of VEED stored inside, depending on when the user feeds their VIM. This will inevitably result in some VIMs that were fed early having excess VEED in them compared to a VIM that was upgraded when the VEED price was higher.

Since VIM Tiers are a core part of the VIMworld experience, we’re introducing two novel ways to manage the VEED inside your VIMs, which will introduces the possibility for new metagames and strategic aspects to our Tier system:

1) VEED Sharing, which allows you to share your excess VEED in a VIM to another VIM (up to a certain level)

2) VEED Withdrawal, which allows you to downgrade your VIM Tiers and transfer VEED tokens from your VIM to your wallet.

Using the VEED sharing feature, you can share any excess VEED from one VIM to another! VEED Sharing also adds another dynamic to the Feeding system - allowing you to boost your VIMs up to maximum of B Tier using any excess VEED from your other VIMs.

The VEED sharing interface

Sharing your VEED to another VIM is easy:

  1. Access the VIMmanagement page on your VIM and select the VEED Sharing option.
  2. Select the VIM you want to share VEED with.
  3. Follow the instructions and prompts to fine-tune the amount of VEED to be shared.

A few notes on sharing VEED:

  1. When the sharing feature is initiated, the system will calculate the excess VEED in the original VIM based on the current daily VIMenergy:VEED ratio to maintain the minimum amount of its current Tier.
  2. If the daily ratio has decreased to the point where no excess VEED can be shared, you will not be allowed to use this feature.
  3. The VIM that will receive VEED can only be boosted into a maximum of B Tier at one go at the daily VIMenergy:VEED ratio.
  4. If the amount of VEED in the original VIM exceeds the requirement for maintaining a Tier at the current daily ratio after sharing, then the amount of VIMenergy will remain unchanged.
  5. There will be a Sharing Tax for this feature, in which a portion of them will go to the VIMpool:

5a.) 1% Sharing Tax for SX VIMs

5b.) 2% Sharing Tax for S6 to S9 Tier VIMs

5c.) 3% Sharing Tax for S2 to S5 Tier VIMs

5d.) 4% Sharing Tax for S-Lux to S1 Tier VIMs

5e.) 5% Sharing Tax for below S Tier VIMs

Example Scenario:

You have fed a VIM to S1 Tier at 1686 VIM energy during an average ratio of 360 VEED to 1 VIMenergy — therefore it contains 606,960 VEED.

You’ve decided to use the VEED Sharing feature and the daily ratio is now 180 VEED to 1 VIMenergy. At this ratio, your VIM would only require 303,480 VEED to make up 1686 VIMenergy. This means your VIM now has an excess of 303,480 VEED which could be withdrawn without losing a tier.

You may now transfer the excess VEED at the 180 VEED to 1 VIMenergy ratio to another VIM and boost it to B Tier at the daily rate.

If you have a F Tier VIM, up to a max of 76,500 VEED (425 VIMenergy) can be shared into it making it go to B Tier immediately (1 VIMenergy below A Tier). Your original VIM would remain at S1 Tier with VIMenergy unchanged and you may repeat the sharing process with other VIMs until all the excess VEED is taken out.

VEED Withdrawal — Transferring VEED in VIMs Back to Wallet

With the VEED Sharing feature now available, you may now freely rebalance the amount of VEED and VIMenergy according to the daily ratio by sharing it with other VIMs. But what happens if you want to transfer the tokens back to your wallet, or downgrade your Tiers instead of staying at the same Tier?

The VEED withdrawal interface

With VEED Withdrawal, it is now possible to:

  1. Access the VIMmanagement page on your VIM and choose VIM Transfer.
  2. Select the Tier you want to downgrade to, or stay in the same Tier.
  3. If you choose to stay in the same Tier, then you can use the slider to fine tune and transfer your excess VEED back to your wallet according to the daily VIMenergy ratio.
  4. If you intend to downgrade Tiers, you may choose a lower Tier and use the slider to fine-tune how much VEED to be transferred to your wallet.

A few notes on VEED Withdrawal:

  1. When the VEED Withdrawal feature is initiated, the system will calculate how much VEED is required to maintain your current Tier at the current daily VIMenergy:VEED ratio.
  2. If the VEED transferred to the wallet causes your VIM Tier to be downgraded, any relevant Tier related treasures will be burnt permanently.
  3. If the amount of VEED in your VIM exceeds the requirement for maintaining a Tier at the current daily ratio after transferring to the wallet, then the amount of VIMenergy will remain unchanged and your VIM will not be automatically upgraded to a higher VIMenergy and/or Tiers.
  4. If the ratio has decreased to the point where any transfers will result in your VIM losing Tiers, you will be given a notice and warning if you decide to proceed with the transfer.
  5. A Withdrawal Tax will be charged with a portion of it going to the VIMpool.

5a) 0% Withdrawal Tax for S6 to SX VIMs with corresponding Vanguard Treasures

5b.) 0.5% Withdrawal Tax for S6 to SX VIMs without corresponding Vanguard Treasures

5c.) 1% Withdrawal Tax for S2 to S5 VIMs (regardless of Treasures)

5d.) 2% Withdrawal Tax for S-Lux to S1 VIMs (regardless of Treasures)

5e.) 3% Withdrawal Tax for below S-Lux Tier VIMs

Example Scenario (Ratio Increases):

You have fed a VIM to S1 Tier at 1686 VIMenergy during an average ratio of 360 VEED to 1 VIMenergy — therefore it contains 606,960 VEED.

Assuming the ratio increases and becomes 180 VEED to 1 VIMenergy, it means that 1686 VIMenergy only requires 303,480 VEED. Your VIM now has an extra 303,480 VEED in it. You can now perform the following withdrawal functions:

Remain at your current Tier

You may withdraw up to 303,480 (including any Tax) while your VIM remains at 1686 VIMenergy.

Downgrade Tiers

You may withdraw more than the excess VEED to downgrade Tiers. Your VIM will be rebalanced based on the 180 VEED to 1 VIMenergy ratio, and any relevant Tier treasures will be burnt.

Example Scenario (Ratio Decreases)

If the ratio decreased to 540 VEED to 1 VIMenergy, it would mean that a VIM with 606,960 VEED will only make up 1,124 VIMenergy. In this case, if a user does not proceed with the withdrawal feature, the VIM will remain at S1 Tier. If any withdrawals occur, the VIM will be downgraded accordingly.

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