VIM Snapshot Notice to the VIMworld Community

As mentioned in the Open Letter, VIMworld will be supporting a brand new token.

The initial snapshot to facilitate this process will be scheduled to be taken on:

US PST Time: Friday March 26th, 2021, 12:07PM

London UTC Time: Friday, March 26th 7:07PM UTC Time

Beijing UTC+8 Time: Saturday, March 27th, 3:07AM Beijing Time

More details such as the specifics of the swap/airdrop mechanics and migration date to our new ecosystem token will be announced on a later date.

Take note that VIMs listed on the VIMmarket will not be eligible for the snapshot. For all VIMworld community members who have decided to participate in this swap, please do not sell or empty your VIMs using the VIM management tool, both during and after the initial snapshot period.

We will have another snapshot 1 day prior to the actual token swap/airdrop to confirm that all VIMs and their balances are intact and matches the initial snapshot. If a particular VIM has a different feeding balance (Lower or Higher) from the initial snapshot, the VIM will be disqualified all together for the new token swap/airdrop and will receive 0 new tokens.

This is an important notice to the VIMworld Community, please be advised.



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