VIMworld weekly roundup - 13 February, 2022

2 min readFeb 13, 2022


Welcome to another weekly roundup! Below, you’ll find all the news from across VIMworld covering the last week. Enjoy!

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VIMworld events

Hacky distribution

96 Hackies were distributed to qualifying members of the VIMworld and Hacken communities. This makes Hacky quite a rare and exclusive collectible!

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Hotbit trading competition

A $VEED trading competition is live with a 1,550,000 $VEED prize pool to be shared among top traders! The event runs from Feb 9, 12:00am PST (08:00am UTC) to Feb 16, 12:00am PST (08:00 UTC).

In the community


VIMmers fed a net 9.1 million $VEED into their VIMs this week. This amount of $VEED inside the feeding contract keeps growing, now at >1.547 billion!

Hacky levels and art

So far, only the F-tier and A-tier Hacky art has been revealed. At least 3 Hacky VIMs reached S-tier and received their Vanguard treasures. Taizi’s S2 art remains undiscovered.

Coming next

  • Hotbit trading competition ends on Feb 16 0800 UTC
  • Trading on WhiteBit, date TBD…

And as always, much more to come!

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VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.