VIMworld weekly roundup - January 09, 2022

Welcome to 2022’s second weekly roundup — we’ve compiled the latest news from across VIMworld below for your enjoyment!

Content transferred from the Discord weekly round-up. Join the VIMworld Discord channel here so you don’t miss a beat: Discord

MEXC listing
VEED was listed on the centralized exchange MEXC on 06/01/21 with a USDT pair. MEXC kicked things off with a deposit and a trading contest, with a total of 7.2M VEED up for grabs for VEED depositors and traders on MEXC.

Thor Blessing Pool Snapshot
6.5M $VEED proceeds from the the Thor sales and a further 2M $VEED from the VIMworld foundation will go to high tier VIMs, Saint Reeds, and participating VeChain node wallets. The snapshot to determine the recipient wallets was made on 7th Jan at 12pm PST, stay tuned for news on the distribution!

There will be two further airdrops associated with the Thor event, after the 30 day and 60 day marks for qualifying first and second-round Thor purchasers respectively.

VIMworld quiz
The second ever VIMworld quiz took place in Discord, with 12 challenging questions covering the breadth of VIMworld’s lore, history, and technical details.
Congratulations to the winners with the top 3 scores:

#1: Llian — 7552 points, 10,000 VEED
#2: Thomas L — 7307 points, 6000 VEED
#3: scottydog — 6959 points, 3000 VEED


VIMmers fed a net 17.8M VEED into their VIMs this week. This brought the amount of VEED inside the feeding contract to >1.5 billion, which is more than double the amount of VEED currently stored inside centralized exchange wallets!

  • $VEED to begin trading on Whitebit- timing still TBA
  • Thor blessings to be announced and sent out

And of course, more developments on the way!

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VIMworld is a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem that creates a space where entrepreneurship and play combine and thrive. At the core of VIMworld are VIMs themselves, each one unique and permanent. VIMs are Smart NFTs that will deliver an immutable system of authentication, allowing their owners to both store and build value through play whilst building meaningful connections with others.

VIMworld can be accessed through using a VeChain-enabled browser such as the VeChain Sync browser or Google Chrome + Comet Extension. It is also accessible on mobile devices through the VeChainThor Mobile Wallet on iOS and Android.

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VIMworld is a revolutionary smart non-fungible token (Smart NFT) ecosystem.